Our Story

Dary's Chapter --
From making mud pies in the backyard when we were 5 years old, planning & preparing bridal shower parties, to cooking every Thanksgiving dinner togetherwe’ve always made things together!

As schedules became busier with work, families, and life, it became harder to create together.  Luckily, our cheapness brought us together! (Let's see how many times I use the word "together"... so far, I'm up to 4).  Sophany and I both love to accessorize, but the cost to look cute is pretty ridiculous.  We’ve experimented and found ways to produce cute, yet, inexpensive accessories and we’re here to share them with you!  We hope you love our creations just as much as we love making them :)

Sophany's Chapter--
We have been friends for about 25 years.  Those 25 years include: creating our own radio show (which we recorded with those outdated cassette tapesever heard of them?), graduating high school, graduating college, and taking off in different directions toward our career goals.  Throughout all that, we walked hand in hand with each other.  We celebrated good times and picked the other up when needed.  I consider her my sister!

Creativity just "blooms" when we're together.  I started making these hair accesories as a way to look cute, without spending too much money.  I shared this hobby with Dary and found that something else happens when we're making them together.  We share laughs and inspiration, but that's only one of our common bonds.  Whenever I wear them, I'm actually celebrating a great friendship with the rest of the world.

Don't you want to celebrate that too?